TunnelBear Review

TunnelBear immediately appeared with its cute and cute bear character and an easier communication mode. But behind this cute face you will find a very powerful VPN that has all the features you need and there are some you didn't even know you needed.



TunnelBear has a very clear and transparent privacy policy with almost no logs. But there are a few things that are included such as bandwidth usage, lifetime communication and if you were in touch over the past month. This, in turn, is something that can't be communicated to specific users so it's not a big deal. TunnelBear is based in Canada although it is part of the Five Eyes partnership but not the best place for a VPN provider. Tunnelbear was also acquired by McAfee in 2018 and is under Canadian law. Canada is a country that shares data on the United States and Great Britain.


TunnelBear is part of a recent CDT (Center for Democracy and Technology) report and this report confirms that individual servers are becoming increasingly resilient on disk encryption, encryption, and protection against intrusion and malware protection techniques. It is always a good idea to obtain such assurance from a third party auditor. After all, if you don't engage in illegal activities, you should be in a better position.


And there you have it. TunnelBear offers instructions on how to use it on Linux without a full official agreement. You won't be able to use it on Kindle / eReader, Windows Mobile, Apple or Android TV, game systems, or install it on any router. For more advanced users, this can be a contract breaker, so think carefully if you need to use a VPN on any of these devices. The good thing here is that TunnelBear also has an extension for the Opera browser which many competing providers don't have. Keep in mind that navigation extensions don't provide the same level of encryption as desktop or mobile clients, but they are very useful.



Tunnelbear has decent online TunnelBear black friday vpn deals documentation and knowledge, but it's not as comprehensive and comprehensive as some VPNs. There are no screenshots in the FAQ or in the Getting Started section so if you're more comfortable following directions with clear visual aids, you may fall. If you want to contact support, you need a customer, or you have a free plan or a payment plan, but you have to come send questions to the support team. So every potential customer is left behind and doesn't need online support to get a quick answer to your problem. You can circumvent the login requirement (Login field cannot be included in the link below) but of course you can block new subscribers if they don't see this option right away.


Installing the client or desktop application is as easy as you might expect. The repair process is quick and you can start balancing right away. The UI is intuitive and the design is definitely more meaningful than your regular app. The cute bear and the mine represent the place and you can see the bear coming out of the tunnel after a successful connection.


You have all the basic options like a location picker, security options and you can check the number of blocked ads. The software is built around a world map rather than a country list which makes selecting server locations a little more fun, but if you never know which country you may want to stick with the list.